Author: Ornélie

  • Beautiful Bizarre and Modern Eden Gallery collective show

    I am very honored to have been asked by the director/editor-in-chief of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine to participate in a major group exhibition that will take place next fall at the Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco! J’ai l’immense honneur d’avoir été sollicitée par la directrice/rédactrice en chef du Beautiful Bizarre Magazine pour participer à une…

  • Naia museum

    Two of my sculptures will join the Naïa Museum for the new 2024/25 season which will open in a few weeks! Thank you to the Naia team for giving me this chance to exhibit among so many talented artists, and in this magical place! Deux de mes sculptures vont rejoindre le Naïa Museum pour la…

  • Infected by Art vol. 12

    I am glad to see my sculpture “Outside” in the 3rd place in the sculpture category of the IBA “Infected by Art” award, behind the great Forest Rogers and the talented Dug Stanat! It will be accompanied by my piece “Iridescence” in the volume 12 of this iconic Artbook, which will be published at the…

  • Les Arts ludiques

    To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the essential museum “Les Arts ludiques”, and while waiting for the upcoming reopening of the museum at the Saint-Lazarre station, Diane and Jean-Jacques Launier have invited me to participate in a wonderfull project, bringing together the best artists from all over the world! I thank them for their trust,…

  • Hydrangea Night,
    tribute to Bao Pham

    To begin this new year, I am glad to share with you my latest sculpture, which has the particularity of having been inspired by the artist Bao Pham, whose work I really like. If you don’t know him, go and discover his colorful and delicately surreal illustrations, you won’t be disappointed! Starting from an illustration…

  • Hydrangea Night

    Hydrangea Night

    Tribute to Bao Pham 2024 – polymer clay, acrylic paint – 7,5 inch x 5,3 inch 2024 – pâte polymère, peinture acrylique – 19 x 13,5 cm

  • Lady W.

    She is “Lady W.”! I was inspired by a literary character, guess who?This sculpture, which had been in stand-by for more than a year, is finally finished! The large collar and the dress are entirely made of polymer clay, and hand painted. Sounds like real lace, doesn’t it? Voilà “Lady W.” ! Elle m’a été…

  • Lady W.

    Lady W.

    2023 – polymer clay, acrylic paint – 10,6 x 6,3 inch 2023 – pâte polymère, peinture acrylique – 27 x 16 cm

  • Outside

    I am happy to share with you my last creation, which was a big challenge, on several levels. She is made in full polymer clay, including the “fabric” (including the pretty floral pattern which cost me dozens hours of painting), except the glass bubbles. I would be glad to introduce her to the sculpture fair…

  • Outside


    2023 – polymer clay, acrylic paint, glass bubbles (by craftman William Geffroy)10,6 x 7,8 inch 2023 – pâte polymère, peinture acrylique, bulles en verres (réalisées par William Geffroy artisan)27 x 20 cm